How to use our parcel delivery service
How to use our parcel delivery service If you're already using our parcel delivery service, you probably know all these steps, but if you're still struggling, here's the most important information. First time you come across a BOX NOW locker? We are here to help you in your first steps!

Questions & Answers

BOXNOW is the evolution of specialized parcel delivery companies, utilizing innovative digital technology to offer modern and automated personalized services. With sustainable, green development at the core of its philosophy as well as its daily operation, BOX NOW's lockers are completely autonomous and operate exclusively on solar energy, offering a new, innovative and environmentally friendly way of delivering and receiving parcels. BOX NOW lockers are placed at key points of the city, so that you have 24/7 access to the Automatic Pickup Machine any time, fast and simple.

When you place an order from an online store or you have received a parcel from a friend, BOX NOW will send you a text message with a 6-digit PIN once your parcel is at the selected BOX NOW Locker. By typing this PIN to the locker's keypad a door will open so you can collect your parcel. 

We can accommodate three package's sizes:

  • Small (H: 8 cm, W: 45 cm, L: 60 cm)
  • Medium (H: 17 cm, W: 45 cm, L: 60 cm)
  • Large (H: 36 cm, W: 45 cm, L: 60 cm)

All parcels can weight up to 20Kg.

Select "send a parcel option" , the size of the parcel you would like to send, complete the sender's and recipient's info and select the locker from which the recipient will pick up the parcel. Proceed to payment and with the PIN code received just go to any BOX NOW Locker and place the parcel you want to send!