Setup instructions

Step 1: Plugin Frontend Features
  1. Show BOX NOW shipping method in the Magento checkout.
  2. Hide the BOX NOW shipping method if the consumer chooses a country other than Greece.
  3. By selecting BOX NOW is displayed iframe with map, points, search based on address, postal code etc.
  4. When consumer selecting a locker the address is displayed at a relevant point.
  5. Locker id and address are stored in the default field of Magento: Shipping Title and in a custom field in the shipping address.
  6. Calculate and add costs to the total order at checkout (flat cost set by administrator).
  7. Hide Cash On Delivery (COD) payment method (concerns native Magento COD).
  8. Appears BOX NOW (COD) wording when shipping method is selected.
  9. Shipping Title follows Magento on the backend and in the transactional emails.
  10. Custom field is created in the customer's custom address (custom address attribute), in which BOX NOW delivery id is stored (boxnow_delivery_id).
Step 2: Plugin Backend Features

Administrator processes each order/shipment separately, gives him the opportunity to create multiple vouchers per order.

Follow these steps:

  1. Selects Magento default Shipment button.
  2. Selects the products and the quantity per product.
  3. Selects save button performs the following:
    • a request is automatically sent to the BOX NOW API for the creation of a voucher.
    • customer is updated for shipping via email from Magento.
    • Sending vouchers automatically to the e-shopvia email.
    • Consumer will be informed automatically by BOX NOW.
  1. New payment method for Cash On Delivery.
  2. Locked wording for the COD.
  3. Ability to activate/deactivate.
  4. COD service only for customers with country of delivery Greece.
  5. Ability to determine the order of display of the payment method.
  6. Custom field that the administrator can note instructions for the payment method.
Step 4: Install
  1. Unzip zip file Magento 2 directory, root: app/code/
  2. Activate the module by running php bin/magento module:enable Elegento_BoxNow
  3. Apply the database updates running it php bin/magento setup:upgrade
  4. Flush cache running it php bin/magento cache:flush

The module is now ready to be activated by the admin page.

Step 5: Admin Page / Dashboard

Delivery Method

First of all, BoxNow must be activated as a shipping method to store configuration.

Stores → Settings → Configuration

Sales → Delivery Methods → BoxNow

As this point you need to change the Boxnow shipping method to Enable: “Yes” and confirm that it is enabled for the correctStore View or Website.

You will need to fill in the shipping method settings to display the method as an option in checkout.

Finally, you will need to fill in the customer information and the Api details to complete installation.

Payment Method

BOX NOW should be activated as a delivery method at store configuration.

Stores → Settings → Configuration

Then go: Sales → Payment Methods → BoxNow

At the checkout the consumer can choose the BoxNow shipping method from the available shipping methods.

At this point you need to change the BOX NOW payment method to Enable: “Yes” and confirm it. Enabling BOX NOW Payment replaces Magento’s desult COD.

Step 6: Using plugin

At checkout the consumer can choose the BOX NOW shipping method.

After selecting BoxNow Express, the map will appear and the customer will be able to choose the desired pick up locker.

After selecting BOX NOW locker can proceed normally to completion of the checkout process. Customer will be able to select BOX NOW COD as payment method.

Step 7: Magento Dashboard

From Magento administrator can create the voucher, following the steps of shipping without need to fill in some information. The administrator will must complete the process of “Invoice” and then the process of “Ship”.

After the administrator completes the previous two steps, he can download the voucher of receipt from the order page by pressing “Download BoxNow Voucher” button.

or Shipments → View

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