Download plugin

Setup instructions

Step 1: Installing the plugin
  • Upload the downloaded .zip file as a new plugin in your Wordpress administration
  • Log into your WooCommerce (Wordpress) account and navigate to Plugins > Add New:

  • In the pop-up window, click choose file, browse to the ZIP file you downloaded in Step 1 and upload this file.
  • Click on the Choose button then Install Now. Wordpress will install the plugin in the background.
  • Once installed, click on the Activate Plugin button. The plugin will be displayed at the bottom of the plugins page.
Step 2: Filling out your details

You can open the plugin’s administration to insert your details.

Insert the API credentials you had previously received from us and email you will receive the orders vouchers here:

Select map customization (popup/iframe) and automatical detected/manual gps.

Unless styled otherwise, you can edit the colour and text of the button that opens the map in the last section of the administration:

Step 3: Activating Boxnow as a delivery

In you WooCommerce Settings page, you’ll be able to activate Boxnow as delivery.

In the relevant shipping zone (Croatia), find Boxnow and switch the toggle to an 'active' position.

Edit BoxNow Settings:

Make sure to save any changes.

Step 4: Configuring payment options

We do not accept cash on delivery. To successfully create a delivery request, you must disable this option in your ‘Payments' settings.

Make sure that in the ‘Enable for shipping methods’ dropdown, Boxnow method is not selected:

Step 5: Optional customization

You can choose to display the map either as a full-screen popup, or load an iframe from our servers. Please refer to images below for comparison.

  • Popup will overlay the whole page and will close itself after you customer selects a locker.
Activate the map when your customer selects Boxnow as a delivery method

Unless customized by you, a button will appear in your checkout, which your customers need to press to open the popup of iframe with the map.

If you want to automatically display the map when a user clicks on the Boxnow delivery option instead of the default button, you can add this behaviour by adding custom scripts, such as the following one:

jQuery("#shipping_method_0_boxnow_shipping_method4").click(function() { jQuery(".plugin-boxnow-map .popup-place-boxnow-map, .plugin-boxnowmap .popup-place-boxnow-map #boxnow_integration”).show(); });

For the popup version

jQuery("#shipping_method_0_boxnow_shipping_method4").click(function() { jQuery(".boxnow-iframe-window").show(); });

For the iframe version

Customizing the ‘Pick a locker’ button

Apart from choosing the colour and text of the button in the plugin’s administration, you can style it in your CSS by editing: .plugin-boxnow-map .button-to-open-map { your style here; }

  • Iframe will conform to any existing element it is placed into.
  • To use the iframe option, select iframe and place [add-boxnow-mapiframe] into the element where the iframe should be displayed.
Step 6: Using the plugin

After you customer selects a location from the map, the data will populate the provided fields.

After the plugin receives information from your WooCommerce that an order has been completed, all the necessary information will be sent to our API.

When a new order in your online is completed, we will automatically create a new delivery request and send you a PDF shipping label for each parcel. We will send these emails to this email address:

Finally, immediately after confirming the order, an email with a PDF label will be sent to you, which you should attach to the parcel. One PDF label will be created for the whole order; and its total price (without shipping) will be provided to us.

To create a delivery request, we need to know what is the ID of the delivery locker your customer has chosen.

Get Support

If you have any questions about our solutions, or questions about how to integrate with our solutions, please refer to our email [email protected]